Timberwolves Carrefour

Timberwolves Carrefour, a variety of offensive tools. In addition to long shots, Carrefour low singles is also a good player. Carrefour play center, another advantage is that he often faces each other's big center, in the footsteps of moving, Carrefour will dominate. And when the Cavaliers play pick-and-roll after the Carrefour often face is Klein - Thompson, Casby than his short stature player. Although Harden and Paul are "two points to feed the cake king" and "one-third of the feed cake king", but the league's most powerful assists, but it belongs to James and Carrefour, which "tacit understanding" combination of champions David Perron Jersey, coupled with Owen left Jean Sebastien Giguere Jersey, They are Knights most dependent on the two superstars, so far this season, James has 85 assists Carrefour points, this figure ranked first in the league. From 2010 onwards, in addition to the 2012 NBA no arrangements, the annual Christmas wars, Curry did not miss and "lover" dating Matt Beleskey Jersey, seven years itch, Curry lost the first time. In the early years and Trail Blazers, the Lakers against, and then for two consecutive years and the Clippers fierce battle, and then the first two years and knight staged the finals rehearsal Sam Steel Jersey, we gradually witness him and "sweethearts" from sweet to passion .
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