But he need not apologize

But he need not apologize for anything, his task on the field is crazy cut points. In the FIBA ??World Basketball Championship history, Wei Ping averaged 25.3 points ranked third. Like Oscar Schmidt (24.1), Brazil's "Baster of Basketball", Germany's Dirk Nowitzki (23.6), China's Yao Ming (22.9) and others, all came after him. After retiring, Wei Ping has coached the Beijing Youth Team and Beijing Women's Basketball Team Nicolas Kerdiles Jersey, and later became coach of the Chinese men's basketball national team Josh Manson Jersey, led the team won the 1987 Asian Championships. Coaching pressure is far more than the player era Sam Steel Jersey, he ended his career as a coach. One of the reasons why the Alliance has made the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers the focus of today's battle is two reasons Korbinian Holzer Jersey. With the exception of two classic Civil War Atlantic cities in the eastern big cities, the more important reason is the potential Showdown: Porzingis vs Simmons, Embed. These three can be described as the hottest now in the league supernova, jersey sales from this year's situation can be concluded that the three men's jersey sales are ranked in the top ten jersey sales list.
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Timberwolves Carrefour

Timberwolves Carrefour, a variety of offensive tools. In addition to long shots, Carrefour low singles is also a good player. Carrefour play center, another advantage is that he often faces each other's big center, in the footsteps of moving, Carrefour will dominate. And when the Cavaliers play pick-and-roll after the Carrefour often face is Klein - Thompson, Casby than his short stature player. Although Harden and Paul are "two points to feed the cake king" and "one-third of the feed cake king", but the league's most powerful assists, but it belongs to James and Carrefour, which "tacit understanding" combination of champions David Perron Jersey, coupled with Owen left Jean Sebastien Giguere Jersey, They are Knights most dependent on the two superstars, so far this season, James has 85 assists Carrefour points, this figure ranked first in the league. From 2010 onwards, in addition to the 2012 NBA no arrangements, the annual Christmas wars, Curry did not miss and "lover" dating Matt Beleskey Jersey, seven years itch, Curry lost the first time. In the early years and Trail Blazers, the Lakers against, and then for two consecutive years and the Clippers fierce battle, and then the first two years and knight staged the finals rehearsal Sam Steel Jersey, we gradually witness him and "sweethearts" from sweet to passion .
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A little embarrassed is that

A little embarrassed is that, after joining the Knight, Carrefour has been accustomed to the kind of outside floating playing mode Ilya Bryzgalov Jersey, for the inside storm, he seems a kind of strange feeling, and the Warriors inside two big Jordan - Bell, Raymond Green Are the kind of stubble, in today's game, Carrefour shot a total of 11 times in three seconds zone Matt Beleskey Jersey, but eventually he hit a total of only 3 goals, for an insider, this is not a qualified data. The combination of Lillard and Nurquic is second, with only one fewer partner than James Love. Harden and Capella came in third with 79 runs. In the top ten, Wei less three short-listed, respectively, Adams, Anthony and Paul - George, it seems that after the break-thunder four giant is getting better Antoine Vermette Jersey. No library of abstract three pointers, Christmas Wars into a defensive battle, the Warriors to 99-92 won the Cavaliers. The past two games, the Warriors only 180 points, people miss the Curry Michael Sgarbossa Jersey, and he is not incomparably missed the stadium it? He and basketball this "lover" have been almost 20 days, 9 games did not hit. However, such a good sports person Curry, only a "lover" is not enough. In addition to his lover 25 years in love with his life, there is a period of love for 22 years. That "lover" is called - golf.
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If from the data point of view

If from the data point of view, Carrefour scored 31 points and 18 rebounds, really good. But some embarrassment is that when the Cavaliers finally catch up with the score, the team have a chance to win the Cavs team has continuously lost the offensive rebound, Carrefour grabbed 18 rebounds this night, of which 11 defensive rebounds , But the last moment Ryan Getzlaf Jersey, the most critical few key rebounds, but was snatched away by Jordan - Bell and Drake - Green. This may also be a knight then focus on solving a problem, Carrefour hit the fifth place Mason Raymond Jersey, Cavaliers better space, the attack is more fluid Francois Beauchemin Jersey, but on the defensive end, how they protect the inside defensive, how to protect the rebound at a crucial time. This season Nicolas Kerdiles Jersey, the Warriors are still Cavaliers' biggest rivals, and the year-end war just gave them a wake-up call. Regardless of Durant this block is foul, this season, his defense has been a huge upgrade is a fact, according to statistics, Durant this season, only opponents hit a 22% field goal percentage, Very horrible. In the past in the Thunder, Durant will not align with James most of the time, and now he is willing to assume this responsibility. Durant said: "I just like to defend the same position with my players, small forwards should defend the small forward.

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